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Valentine Poems For Kids


Welcome to Valentines Poems for Kids which brings you poems verses quotes which are free, online, printable, funny, short or romantic including free funny Valentines poems; funny, humorous Valentine verse; silly Valentine rhymes; and funny Valentine's Day greetings as well as serious romantic Valentine poems for your children to use.


Roses are red
Daisies are white
I like you a lot
Cos you are alright!
Roses are red
Grass is green
You are the prettiest
Girl I have seen
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Be my wife
And say ‘I do’
Roses are red
And sometimes pink
Be my valentine
What do you fink?
Hearts and flowers,
Love and goo,
On Valentine’s Day
Cos I love yoo!


Valentines Poems for Kids


Love is like vanilla ice cream
With chocolate sauce on top

Love is like a spending spree
In my favourite shop

Love is like a big balloon
Floating in the air

Love is like a birthday cake
That all my friends can share

Love is like a fairground
With lots to see and do

Love is what I feel
Every time I think of you!


Valentines Poems for Kids


There's something that I want to say
I'll try with all my might
I'm thinking of it always
All through the day and night
The think that I am trying to say
Is really very hard
I thought it would be easier to write it in a card
So, I'll get to the point
And try to be specific
I think you're really very great
In fact, you're quite terrific!


Very pretty,
Always witty,
Lovely smile,
Excellent style,
Never lame,
Totally game,
Indisputedly divine,
Now and always,
Ever mine!



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