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 You can buy scrapbooking kits from most craft shops, which act as a starter pack to get you going. However, if you want to keep costs down, use any photo album without dividers in the page, so that you can add as much as you like without being restricted to sections.

Get into the habit of keeping cinema tickets, days out tickets, party invitations, certificates etc that can be added with photographs for maximum impact. Collect bits of ribbons, wrapping paper, buttons etc which can be added for colour and depth.

Print off photographs, either on a home printer or a machine at a shopping centre or supermarket. Get the kids involved in sorting out photographs, tickets etc into chronological order so they can be arranged on the page.

This can be an ongoing project, which can be added to by making a new page for a special occasion or new event, throughout the children's lives.

A project that can be as little or as big as you want it to be!