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Welcome to Activities for the Kids - Science Poems for the Kids. Here you will find Science poems on which link in with link in with QCA (Qualification & Curriculum Agency) units of work including Moving & Growing, Habitats, Keeping Warm, Solids & Liquids, Friction, Circuits & Conductors and more...

So if you're looking for free Science poems for kids to help with your Science lessons then look below!


Moving & Growing – QCA Unit 4A (Year 4)

We all have a skeleton
Inside you and me
Made up of bones
So we’re not wobbily

Our bones are hard
To support body parts
And protect organs
Like lungs and hearts

We also need
To get up and go
Muscles to help us
Move fast and slow

They work in pairs
To relax and contract
To move your bones
And that’s a fact

As we grow
Our bones do too
Day after day
Growing a bigger you!


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Habitats – QCA Unit 4B (Year 4)

An organism is alive
Like animals and you
But also plants and trees
Are organisms too

The place where they live
Is their habitat
With all that they need
And that is that

Plants need sunlight
To produce some more
But then they’re eaten
By a herbivore

Carnivores eat only meat
But some eat more than that
An omnivore gets meat and plants
Within their habitat

Predators have eagle eyes
To find their prey to eat
The prey can see all around
So they don’t become the meat

Organisms, (except us)
All eat and they are eaten
The food chain is efficient….
Because nature can’t be beaten.

Keeping Warm – QCA Unit 4C (Year 4)

Thermometers measure
How cold or warm
In degrees Celsius
That’s the norm

Pans are made of metal
To allow in the heat
But handles are plastic
To keep cool, neat?

Some materials keep
Temperature the same
Called thermal insulators
Because that’s their name

Keeping the heat from getting out
And the cold from getting in
It also does the opposite
When it is heat to refrain

A thermal conductor
Has the other job
Letting heat pass through it
Like the pan on the hob

Insulators keep temperatures out
Conductors let it through
This is a simple summary
Just for you to review


Solids & Liquids – QCA Unit 4D (Year 4)

Water is a liquid
Ok, so what is ice?
It is a solid cube
Like a player’s dice

To melt the ice
Just add some heat
Turning back to liquid
The transforming is complete

Some solids, like salt and sugar
Are clever, it is clear
Dissolve them in a liquid
And watch them disappear

To separate a mixture
Of perhaps sand and juice
The sand will not dissolve
So filter paper has a use


Friction – QCA Unit 4E (Year 4)

Like a push or a pull
Friction is a force
And a stretch or a twist
Which we know, of course

Friction is worse
When the surface is rough
Useful for roads,
Shoes and other stuff

When the surface is smooth
Friction is not so high
Like an ice skating rink
Where the skates can fly

If friction is high
It can slow or stop
A runaway train
Or a spinning top

Oil can be used
To lower friction
To make machines work better
This isn’t fiction


Circuits & Conductors – QCA Unit 4F (Year 4)

To construct a circuit
And do it right
Attach wires and a bulb
And there will be light

But remember the rule
And make it complete
Battery cell, wires
And bulb must all meet

A switch can be used
To break the flow
With no electricity
There will be no glow

Add another battery
To get more light
Giving more power
Makes it more bright

An electrical conductor
Lets the power pass through it
Metal is the best choice
For the wire in the circuit

Always take care
Using electricity
And remember the rules
In this little ditty







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