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Welcome to Humorous Poems for Kids. These free poems can be used on birthday cards, as an introduction to poetry in school or just to grab the kids attention in class!


Why I wonder
Is a tomato round and red?
Because if it was long and green
It would be a cucumber instead

What did the tomato
Say to the potata?
You go on ahead
And Iíll ketchup later!

Then the tomato blushed
No kidding, no messing
Do you know why?
It saw the salad dressing!

If I saw a hiccup
What colour would it be?
That's a good question
Burple, perhaps, maybe

Divide 18 potatoes among 6 people
The exam question read
Boil them and mash them!
That's what I said

The big corn looked down
And patted the baby corn's head
I'm ever so proud
To be a popcorn, he said


Humorous Poems for Kids


To all the animals waiting
At the gang plank of the Ark
Noah said "Load up alphabetically
Starting with aardvark"

The adder was very happy
The antelope said "good call"
But the yak and the zebra
Just weren't happy at all

"OK", said Noah "lets start with the ones with the fewest legs"
A centipede said "that's absurd"
"Well what a good idea"
Said a stork to another bird

So all the birds prepared to load
Filing in two by two
"I must be first " came the shout
Of a little kangaroo

"Wait your turn" said the birds
"You've got two legs just like us
Try to be patient
Stop making all this fuss"

It took a while for the little joey
To emerge from the bunch
It's not easy to hop when one of your legs
Was once a crocodile's lunch

It should be us, but we'll just swim
Said two hunch backed whales
"We must be first" said two french frogs
Assisted by two snails

All at once the heavens opened
Heavy rain came falling down
Noah said "Let's start with the smallest
Or they will surely drown

"Yippee" said the flea
"Aye, aye" said the fly
"Bah poey" was the call
Of both hippopotami

How long it took, we'll never know
But one thing's for sure
Noah spent the 40 days and nights
Shovelling manure

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