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Christmas Poems For Kids


Welcome to the Christmas Poems for Kids page, here you will find various poems you can give to your kids in time for Christmas.


What does a reindeer hang on his Christmas tree?
Horn-aments of course
But not his horns, coz without his horns
Heíd be a horse
Where would a reindeer go if it lost its tail?
To a re-tail shop, itís true
What do you call a reindeer wearing ear muffs?
AnythingÖ coz he canít hear you!
How do you get into Rudolf's house?
You ring the deer-bell!
Who would get a gift from Santelope?
A well behaved gazelle
What did Adam say on the day before Christmas ?
It's Christmas, Eve !
What do you call a letter sent up the chimney ?
Black mail, I believe
Who delivers cat's Christmas presents ?
Well thatís Santa Paws !
And Dumboís Christmas presents?
Thatís Elephanta Claus !
What do snowboys wear on their heads ?
Ice caps, but just until theyíre older
When the snowboy offended his snowgirlfriend
She gave him the cold shoulder !
What do you call an Eskimo cow ?
Iíd say an Eskimoo !
How do snowmen travel about?
By icicle, thatís hoo
Youíre probably thinking that to make up this intellectual stuff
Expensive poetry lessons were bought
Well youíd be wrong, so there
I am completely elf taught
(Jon Bratton 2008)



Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming
And I really canít wait
ÖÖ. Days til Christmas
Santa wonít be late

Iíve hung up my stocking,
Put up the tree
Sent my cards
And written my plea

Rudolph is ready
To pull the sleigh
His nose shining red
To light the way

The presents are made,
Wrapped and packed
To go under the tree
All neatly stacked

All the kids faces
Happy and bright
Going to bed early
On Christmas Eve night


And another Christmas Poem for kids:

Jingle bells, Mistletoe,
Woolly scarves, glistening snow.
Yuletide log, Christmas puds,
Holly berries, roasted spuds.
Hot chestnuts, carol singers,
Roaring fire, turkey dinners.
Shiny baubles on the tree,
Christmas is great, donít you agree?

Iíll get some presents
With a bit of luck
But with little chimneys
Santa, donít get stuck

To make my chimney bigger
The cost'll be too great
Pleeease Santa
Lose some weight

But if you've got to be fat
Because that's the law
I'll leave you a key
Pleeeease use the door!


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